Champions of Madrigal is a new approach to classic FlyFF. We aim to combine the nostalgic gameplay and environments of FlyFF with a new touch of paint.

You will see familiar areas and dungeons touched up and mixed with new environments and updated skills.


Server Specs

Champions of Madrigal runs on a custom drop rate where each monster has a carefully crafted droptable.

Max Level 150-H (No Rebirth/Master)
EXP Rate 200x
Penya Rate 250x
Party EXP 2x
Pet EXP Based on kills
1920x1080 Support
Updated Music


Core Changes

For more detailled information. Visit our features page!

Improved Class Flow

The level required for each job has been updated to 30-90-120 compared to the old 15-60-120, improving the flow of how much time you spent in each job-tier.

Fair Pricing

Our donation shop does not sell power and has one of the lowest prices seen in Private Servers.

Updated Classic Skills

Each job has received an overhaul to the skilltree. Classic skills remain but are updated to be more useful than ever! In addition we also added several new skills.

New Systems

We added a Teleporter, Pet Filter, a new Crafting System and more features to help your gameplay.


Plants & Herbs are littered all over the world. Collect them and help the Alchemist create powerful potions through our new Alchemy Quests!

New Maps

In addition to various classic dungeons, we have added a total of 5 brand new dungeons and 1 completely new leveling continent with its own city.