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Quickly teleport to known locations of towns and dungeon entrances with the teleporter. (Hotkey: V)

Party Finder

Find available parties in the server with this handy menu. (Hotkey: L)

Pet Filter

Only pick up the items you truly desire with our pet filter. (Hotkey: U)

Crafting System

Create or Upgrade items through our unique Crafting Menu. (Hotkey: Z)

Discover recipes by adding an item in the first slot of the window.
Some recipes are hidden and you will have to find the correct item to get the rewards.

Updated Damage Display

Damage in Champions of Madrigal is color coded for your convenience.

Physical Damage is rendered in a orange.
Magical Damage is rendered in purple.
Taking damage will have a black border while dealing damage will have a brighter border.

Healing Display

Be it passive health regeneration or active food usage, you can now easily see how much health you are gaining back.

This feature also includes the health received from healing spells from allies.

Party Skills

In Champions of Madrigal old unused party skills have been updated to grant stat boosts.
Party leveling has been updated to allow single users to level up a party without needing a partner!

  • Charge: Gives all party members bonus Speed
  • Blitz: Gives all party members bonus Attack
  • Defend: Gives all party members bonus Armor & Magic Resist
  • Precision: Gives all party members bonus Critical Chance
  • Recover: Gives all party members bonus Regeneration Speed

Mining System

The collecting system has been changed to our mining system. Everyone gets their 'Forging Hammer' for free. Mining sites are available at various places throughout the world for you to mine resources.

Mining resources is quick and easy, but your energy is limited and based on your level.
Your energy will automatically regenerate when not mining. So you can continue again after a short break.

Pet Leveling

Instead of waiting around doing nothing. You can now level up your pet by killing monsters.

The amount of experience gained for raised pets increases based on monster level and decreased based on pet level.

Alternate Mode

Apply a dark thematic filter through the options menu to see the world in a new light.

Model Changer / Transmution

Everyone has their own style, but not every item has the best of stats.

Cosmetics and customization are an important aspect of Flyff which we want to keep in Champions of Madrigal. We offer a wide variety of classic and new cosmetic items ranging from weapons, fashion, pets and auras.
The transmution system makes it easy to change your appearance to your favorite weapon and fashion without losing any precious stats or bonusses.

No EXP-Mode

While farming or running a dungeon, you may not always want to level up.

Simply disable all EXP gain with this option.