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Updated Class Flow

The leveling curve in Champions of Madrigal has been updated to flow better with the increased EXP.

Classic Flow:

  • Vagrant: 1-15
  • First Job: 15-60
  • Second Job: 60-120
  • Master: 60M-120M
  • Hero: 121+
New Flow:
  • Recruit: 1-30
  • First Job: 30-90
  • Second Job: 90-120
  • Master: 60M-120M, Rebirth is removed
  • Hero: 121-150

New Skilltree

With the updated class flow we have also redesigned the skilltree of all classes.

Many classic skills remain but are often modernized or updated to be more user friendly and easier to use.

New Skills

In addition to updating the classic Flyff skills, We also added a few brand new skills.

Each class has 1 Legendary Skill obtained from the endgame dungeon 'The Emerald Hive'. More information on the dungeon at the World Features.

New Raised Pets

New models have arrived for the raised pets to give them a cool new look.

Weapon Passives

Our endgame PvP Weapons have unique passives that apply a special effect when wielded.

Weapon passives automatically apply after an attack on an enemy or casting a spell on an enemy.

Glacial Sword (1H) [Rend]: Gain bonus Block Penetration for a short duration.
Glacial Axe (1H) [Frost]: Slow target for a short duration.
Glacial Slayer (2H) [Surge]: Every 3rd Attack, Gain a burst of Speed and Attack.
Glacial Big Axe (2H) [Smash]: Every 6th Attack, Stun target for a short duration.
Glacial Bow [Pierce Shot]: Lower target's Physical Defence for a short duration.
Glacial Yo-Yo [Empower]: Gain bonus PvP Damage for a short duration.
Glacial Knuckle [Static]: Apply a Static debuff for a short duration.
Glacial Stick [Recover]: Heal for a % of your Missing Health after each spell.
Glacial Wand [Terror]: Every spell has a chance to lower the target's Magic Resist.
Glacial Staff [Element]: Gain bonus Fire and Wind Mastery for a short duration.