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New Flaris

With a new starting location and updated graphics in Flaris you are ready to start a brand new adventure.

Leveling Area from 1 ~ 45

Passage to Saint Morning

Continue leveling without interruption with a new passage from Flaris to Saint Morning

Leveling Area from 45 ~ 50

Rhisis Forest

The Rhisis Forest is a new area linking Saint Morning with the Garden of Rhisis

Leveling Area from 50 ~ 70


Our world is enhanced with a brand new continent where you'll be leveling up our max level.

Leveling Area from 120 ~ 150

Giant's Den

The Mars Mine has been updated to a new low level dungeon for assisting low level players.

Available At Level 40 ~ 60

  • Drops
  • Legendary Golden Weapons
  • Sugar Boosts
  • Flash Charms
  • FITA Cookies

Molten Arena

In Addition to The Wilds, Red Meteonyker & Island of Dreams. The Molten Arena is a brand new mid-game dungeon

Available At Level 115 ~ 120

  • Drops
  • Bloody Paladin Set
  • Bloody Gladiator Set
  • Bloody Priest Set
  • Bloody Stormrager Set
  • Bloody Shadowstalker Set
  • Bloody Rogue Set
  • Bloody Mystic Set
  • Bloody Enchanter Set


Besiege a new island fortress in this new soloable dungeon.

Available At Level 145 ~ 150

  • Drops
  • Weapon Cards (A)
  • Suit Cards (Y)
  • Silver (Penya Item)
  • Gold (Penya Item)

Desert Caverns

Explore unseen caves from the fantasy desert in this new soloable dungeon.

Available At Level 145 ~ 150

  • Drops
  • Raw Ore
  • Glowing Crystal
  • Sacred Beads

Icy Plains

Located deep in Eitune, this soloable dungeon features vast plains of enemies to farm.

Available At Level 145 ~ 150

  • Drops
  • Glacial Shards
  • Cooked Corn (Consumable)
  • Cooked Octopus (Consumable)
  • Scroll of Sprint

The Emerald Hive

After besting catacombs and aminus, the emerald hive is the ultimate challenge for the Champions of Madrigal.

Available At Level 145 ~ 150

  • Drops
  • Emerald Shards
  • Emerald Gems
  • Emerald Skillbook Chance Box
  • Emerald Jewelry of Might
  • Emerald Jewelry of Psychi
  • Emerald Jewelry of Flux
  • Emerald Jewelry of Reflex
  • Weapon Cards (A) & (S)
  • Suit Cards (Y) & (Z)