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Reading the Tutorial

There is a lot of new content in Champions of Madrigal. A lot of updated skills, new maps and different monsters.
It will take some time until you fully understand all the different features and changes in the server.
However the discovery of everything that is new and different is part of the enjoyment of playing Champions of Madrigal.
This guide should help you out getting started so you know how to level up and what to do. Additionally, the ingame tutorial has also been updated with new information.
Make sure to read it whenever it pop ups at different level intervals.

Image of Pang tutorial

Early Game Equipment

From level 15-90 all equipment is purchased with Equipment Shards
These shards drop from all monsters level 1-120 and can be used at the Weapons & Armors NPCs.
The available sets are statted in three different archetypes. Light (Crits), Heavy (Tank) & Adept (Magical).
No matter your class you can choose to use any of these 3 sets. Depending on your best preferences.
After level 90 all sets will be class locked and dropped from specialized dungeons.

Quick Access to features

The menu has a few extra options for new windows that were added to the server.
In Addition there are a few new hotkeys for often used features.
V: Teleporter
Z: Crafting Menu
L: Party Finder