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What is Mining?

Mining is our new Collecting System in Champions of Madrigal. It aims to make the system more thematic and less AFK-heavy.
Every player automatically receives a Forging Hammer at level 5 which cannot be deleted or traded.
This forging hammer is your collector. You can upgrade it to +5 with Moonstones
Your mining energy (old battery level) automatically regenerates and is displayed in the item description.
The maximum energy is directly linked your level. The higher your level. The higher your max energy.

Where to Mine?

There are no collecting fields in Champions of Madrigal. Instead there are Mining Fields spread out across the map.
There are about 10 or so total of them spread out around the world. Simply walk into the area and start your mining process.
Mining is very fast but takes energy quickly. It is designed to be done in quick bursts in between leveling to break up the action.
Mine for 5 or so items. Continue leveling. Mine again. And repeat.

What do I get?

Mining gets you a various amounts of items. Their main purpose is to Craft Personal Furniture
Personal furniture is only available from the mining ingredients and has powerful stats and is worth creating.
Quests also sometimes requires mining materials or you can create valuable Gold & Silver for penya purposes.
Open the crafting menu with (Z) and drag one of your mined items to reveal the full recipe and its reward.